Five Guys and a Sign

How a historic icon of Ouray came back to light. (Telluride Daily Planet)

The Mine Next Door

A 10-part commissioned series about the history and remediation of the Idarado Mine.

A Winter of Discontent

Behind-the-scenes battles cast a big chill on the Ouray Ice Park. (San Juan Independent)

After the Blowout

A deep dive into the Gold King Spill, the environmental disaster that put the tiny town of Silverton, Colo. in the national spotlight. (San Juan Independent)


The untold story of the abandoned houses at the Idarado overlook on Red Mountain Pass. (Shelter Magazine)

Wild Spider Sex!

October means it’s tarantula mating season in the West End. Cue the Kenny-G and check your pant legs. (The Watch / Telluride Daily Planet)

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